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Top Ten Hidden Cameras

15 May

As consumers, we are often drawn to products that make us stand out.  Oftentimes, we pursue the latest and greatest in flashy cars, stylish clothing, and dazzling electronics to separate ourselves from the crowd.

The surveillance world is quite a bit different. The equipment we use to spy with cannot attract attention or stand out, otherwise it loses its effectiveness.  When it comes to hidden cameras this is especially true. In fact, a hidden camera’s usefulness is largely determined by how unassuming and ordinary-looking it is.

In that spirit, we at Spy Tec have assembled a countdown of the ten most inconspicuous, mundane hidden cameras out there:

10. A Mini Clock Radio

Mini Clock Radio Hidden Camera

You can find them on every nightstand, in bedrooms across America, but this clock radio is a bit different. The Mini Clock Radio Night Vision Hidden Camera looks like a clock radio and works like a clock radio because it actually is a fully functional clock radio, with the added benefit of audio and visual recording capabilities.  It even includes night vision recording, making it a great choice for day or night surveillance.

Here’s a video of the Hidden Camera Clock in action:


9. A Rock

Rock Hidden Camera

While a rock will not blend into the background of most indoor settings, if you are looking for an outdoor surveillance option, the XtremeLife Camera Rock is your best bet.  This camera not only has the durability to withstand any weather conditions, but also comes equipped with motion activated, high-resolution video recording capability and an industry best battery life of up to one year.


8. Glasses

Glasses Hidden Camera

The Clear HD Video Glasses, as their title suggests, take crystal clear audio and HD visual recording of anything you look at with the touch of a button.  If you actually need glasses to correct your vision, these absurdly stylish Video Glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses.

7. A Keychain

Keychain Camera

This HD Video Camera Keychain is the perfect lightweight, easy to transport camera you have been looking for, unless you do not have a car, in which case it might be somewhat hard to explain away. The small camera has a battery life of up to an hour and takes incredibly clear 1080P HD video.

This tiny Camera Keychain packs a lot of recording punch:


6. A Power Adapter

Power Adapter Camera

Power Adapters are everywhere and generally do not merit any notice, unless you are trying to charge something.  This Power Adapter Hidden Camera is not only useful because of its motion activated, high-resolution video recording capability, but also because it is a fully functional power adapter that can charge anything while simultaneously escaping notice.


5. Headphones

Hidden Camera Headphones

These Law Mate Hidden Camera Headphones are an excellent surveillance tool that is highly transportable and won’t earn you a second glance. The camera is equipped with both audio and high resolution video recording.


4. Tissue Box

Tissue Box Hidden Camera

The Tissue Box Hidden Camera in an excellent, all-inclusive recording device with no pinholes or external wires to give away its true purpose.  A tissue box can be placed nearly anywhere, providing natural cover for this motion activated, audio and visual recorder.


3. Button Camera

Button Camera

Before you even get a chance to express your disbelief, this a fully functional audio and visual recorder shaped like a button. This Pro Grade Button Camera Set features compact button cameras you can attach to your shirt and is perfect for covert operations.


2. Pen

Hidden Camera Pen

This DOD HD Video Pen seamlessly packs a shake free, 720P HD grade video camera into the unassuming form of a pen. Honestly, it is difficult to think of an item that is less suspicious and commonplace than a pen. So, if you are looking for an excellent surveillance tool sure to fly under the radar, you have found the prefect camera.

Here’s a video that shows just how powerful this small video pen is:


1. Water Bottle

Water Bottle Hidden Camera

The only thing possibly less noticeable than a pen is a water bottle. The Water Bottle Hidden Camera is truly the ultimate choice in discreet surveillance tools. The camera is capable of high-resolution motion activated recording, and looks perfectly natural in any setting, be it on a counter top, desk, night table, or even in your hands.


So know that you know our top ten hidden cameras, watch out for any clock radios, rocks, glasses, keychains, power adapters, headphones, tissue boxes, buttons, pens, or water bottles, because they could be watching you.

7 Reasons to Own a Nanny Camera

31 Jan

Nanny cameras can be hidden in items ranging from an alarm clock to a tissue box, but why would you need this piece of equipment? Whether or not you have children, investing in a hidden nanny camera can be beneficial when anyone spends time in your home when you’re not there.

Reason One: You work and need to leave your child with a babysitter or nanny.

This is the most common reason for using a nanny camera, and there’s certainly a benefit to investing in a nanny camera when you need to leave your child with someone other than yourself. Even if you do a background check on a babysitter or nanny, you can never be sure that they will do what you expect them to do when you’re not there. In addition to checking to ensure your child is safe, discover whether a nanny is engaging your child in educational activities during the day.

Reason Two: Contractors, housekeepers or babysitters will be spending time in your home when you’re not there.

Letting someone in your home when you can’t be there is unnerving, so use a nanny camera to be sure that no one is disturbing your personal belongings or stealing from you when you are gone. Even if you trust a service professional, it is not uncommon for small things to be taken or used without permission.

Reason Three: You want to stay aware of what your child is doing.

This reason involves wanting to see your child grow up when you have to be away at work. If you have a baby who is just learning to crawl, walk or play, you can use a nanny camera to capture all of those firsts when you have to be on the job.

Reason Four: Contractors are working on construction in your home.

Contractors are not always known for following your directions and working to the best of their ability when they’re on the job, so use a nanny camera to discover whether you’re getting what you’re paying for when it comes to contracting jobs. Some tasks are overlooked that can be hard to detect once the job is completed, and having a video of what a contractor did while in your home is a method of proving that you didn’t get what you paid for once construction is complete.

Reason Five: Nannies and babysitters are not always attentive.

Even if your child is safe with their babysitter, you probably don’t want to pay a lot of money for childcare that involves the babysitter or nanny talking on the phone with friends, surfing the Internet or watching TV the entire time that they’re on the job. Some nanny cameras have even revealed nannies sleeping on the job.

Reason Six: Children may make alarming accusations.

Children do not always understand the difference between reality and their imagination, so it may be necessary to use a nanny camera to determine whether an accusation that has been made is accurate.

Reason Seven: Behavioral problems can blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Children who have behavioral problems may need help that can only be effective if parents are aware of how their children act in private. A nanny camera can be used to discover how the child plays on his own in order to determine how the child truly feels and acts about a certain situation.

If you have people in your home when you’re away, gain peace of mind by investing in a nanny camera. This discreet piece of equipment can help you make sure that no one is stealing, causing harm to loved ones or damaging your property when you’re not there to observe.

B&B Owner used surveillance gear to spy on his guests

13 Jul

A B&B owner, who strangely resembles Leonard Nemoy, was using secret peepholes to watch and record his guests while they were having sex. The hidden cameras were discovered by a guest who saw a piece of paper moving on their door. Behind the mysterious moving paper, the guest found a small hole which hid the B&B owner in a nightgown.

UPDATE: Paul Williams, the B&B owner, has been sentenced to prison for 18 months Scarborough Magistrates’ Court for voyeurism and observing a private act for sexual gratification.

Similar recent story of a Landlord hiding hidden cameras in an apartment: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/bulgarian-students-find-cameras-hidden-apartment/story?id=14181045

Friends and Spy cohorts, it is time to start using anti-surveillance and anti-bugging equipment!
(For an example of one particularly effective anti-bugging product click this link)


A bed-and-breakfast owner spied on his guests through secret peepholes and made audio recordings of their most intimate moments.
Three young couples were watched by Paul Williams, 59, from holes which he had drilled in the doors of the rooms.
He was discovered when one of his victims, a 16-year-old student, spotted a poster placed over one of the holes begin to move.
Her boyfriend investigated and found a hole which provided a view directly on to the bed. After hearing footsteps he opened the door to find Williams in a dressing gown shuffling down the corridor.
The three couples were all friends and when the others were told, they found similar hidden spy-holes in their rooms.
As the guests had been drinking and could not drive so they stayed at the guest house but moved to one room. The next morning they obtained a refund and called the police.
Audio recording equipment was then discovered in an adjoining room at the Sandsea guest house in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
Steve Ovenden, prosecuting at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court, said: ‘When played, the recording sounded like people having sexual intercourse.’

Read more @: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2014150/B-B-owner-used-secret-peepholes-spy-guests-sex.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

Surveillance: A Sad but Necessary Fact of Life

26 Mar

It is an unfortunate comment on the state of the world that we do, indeed, require up-to-date surveillance equipment in all airports.

This past Sunday, a man died at Sydney airport in a biker brawl. Even though police have witnesses to the events, CCTV footage is vital to their chances of securing a conviction. Right now, the case could be severely hampered due to old technology incapable of recording footage from several different cameras simultaneously. It means that some footage of the incident may have been lost…

The president of the NSW Police Association, Bob Pritchard, said. “Millions are spent at airports regarding the terrorism threat but if police are unable to access the footage and it’s putting an investigation at risk then it is a serious problem.”

The director of the Australian Homeland Security Research Centre, Athol Yates, said the incident reflected the inability of Sydney Airport to “balance community policing requirements and other policing requirements”.

And, An unidentified source said, “The systems aren’t in a standardized format and they’re not recorded at a central point so they (police investigators) have to try to get them into a format that can be used for evidentiary purposes.” Geesh, wouldn’t that be the point?

Qantas is responsible for video coverage inside the terminal where the killing occurred, while the Sydney Airport Corporation covers the surrounding roadways and car parks where the alleged attackers fled after the incident.
Both denied yesterday that their systems were at fault, but neither claimed responsibility for overall co-ordination of the surveillance.

It sounds like the old run-around; No one is accountable when something goes wrong … So my question is, what happened to the reported $19.8 million that was to be used for upgrading airport CCTV systems across Australia? Didn’t it get installed properly? Did someone forget to install it? What are your thoughts..?

Are Your Children Really Safe?

20 Mar

Even though I’m practically hidden on the 3rd floor, they find me. Parents have heard about the nanny cam from other parents and have passed my name along – or I get a distressed phone call asking what is involved in a nanny cam set up. The whole concept sounds overwhelming – at first. Nothing is worse than the feeling that your children may not be safe and I hear the concern in the voices of parents immediately. Over the past several months I’ve seen an increase in nanny cam purchases. Parents are worried about their children’s safety and in some cases, rightly so. At past seminars I’ve been able to relieve parent’s fears and direct them to something that they are comfortable using. I’ve seen bickering parents enter my shop – one wants a nanny cam and one doesn’t – who in the end, have unfortunately, discovered that the purchase was a crucial investment. We can never be to secure where our children are concerned. SpyTec Inc has a range of nanny cams and devices that can easily be concealed. We can walk you through the process so it’s less confusing. Do you have a question about what you can do to protect your children? Let us know – we’ll be happy to help. Don’t
forget – our new Spytec inc website is on the way in a couple of weeks!