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Nanny Cameras: Invaluable Peace-of-Mind for Parents Everywhere  

1 Mar

Let’s face facts: children can be a handful. One minute, your little one is sitting in the middle of the floor, reading a book and mind their own business. You turn your back for a second and turn back and find – nothing. They’re gone, you have no idea where they may have gone to but you do know that somehow, somewhere, something in your house is getting broken right now.
Stop Child Abuse

Thanks to the rapid pace at which technology has continued to advance, many parents are turning to devices like nanny cameras to keep a watchful eye over their kids at all times. But they don’t just protect your children from their own mischief – if you’re one of the many parents who needs to hire a full or part-time babysitter, they can be an invaluable addition to your home in that situation, too.

Nanny Cameras: What You Need to Know

Nanny cameras are a particular type of small, hidden camera that is designed to be cleverly concealed inside an everyday household item while you’re away. Unlike more visible cameras which are meant for deterrence, the aim of a nanny camera is one of honesty. They’re designed to empower you with the knowledge that only comes with knowing what people are up to when you’re around.

The classic image of a nanny cam is one hidden inside a stuffed animal like a teddy bear, though they come in a host of shapes and sizes. They can be hidden inside desk clocks, picture frames and even USB phone chargers. When placed strategically around your home, they help make sure that your eyes (and often your ears) know no limits.

Why Nanny Cameras Are So Important

As your kids continue to age, a nanny camera might come in handy in the classic situation of “when the parents are away, the kids will play.” If you want to see who your teen is inviting over when you’re not around, or if you just want to make sure that the all-ages party that you’ve heard about isn’t taking place in your home, a nanny camera would be a great way to do it.

Beyond that, nanny cameras also serve a hugely important function when it comes to an unfortunately all-too-real topic: child abuse at the hands of those who you’ve trusted to care for them.

According to a study conducted by the University of New Hampshire Scholars’ Repository at the University of New Hampshire, crimes against children by babysitters in particular are a lot more common than you might think. There are approximately 18.5 million children in the United States, with roughly 14% of them being under the age of five-years-old – or the age range likely to be looked after by a babysitter.

It should come as no surprise that kids who fall into this age range are also the most likely to be victimized by a babysitter. The study revealed that while babysitter offenses are very rarely likely to result in death, sex-related crimes actually outnumber physical assaults nearly two to one. Likewise, juvenile offenders (meaning teenage babysitters) are much more likely to commit these types of activities to the tune of 48%.


With the right nanny camera at your side, however, you can help make sure this doesn’t happen. Many nanny cameras not only offer HD video and crystal clear audio, but also offer motion activation – allowing you to “set it and forget it” without worrying about missing anything. Many can also stream live footage over a home network to the Internet, allowing you to continually check in on the situation at home while you’re at work.

In addition to helping to catch people in the act and to make sure that you have the type of footage you would need in the event that you found yourself in court, nanny cameras also bring with them the most important benefit of all: the peace-of-mind that only comes with knowing that your child is being properly cared for. It’s the type of thing that you just can’t put a price on.


The HORRIBLE Cause of a Toddler’s Injuries Revealed Via Secret Nanny Cam

13 Feb

When people think about hidden cameras, the image they usually call to mind is one of the traditional “nanny cam” – a secret recording device hidden inside your average teddy bear. It’s a picture that has been painted for years not only in the news, but in film and television shows. Sitcom characters use those spying bears to get into all sorts of fun and wacky situations all the time.

Because of this, it’s easy to forget that even when hidden in something like a teddy bear, nanny cams DO still play a very important role in our society. The footage they capture is often anything but fun – oftentimes, it’s used to shed light on horrible situations going on right under our noses. Such was the case when one Connecticut teacher used a nanny cam to uncover the true, awful cause of injuries that her toddler had been developing.

The Connecticut Nanny: What Happened?

In 2015, a mother from Connecticut returned home from her job as a school teacher to see her biggest fear come to life. Though her toddler had been in the care of a nanny all day long, as she had so many days before, this time was different. The three-year-old was not only sporting a black eye, but she also had second degree burns on her hands and legs. The mother immediately turned to the nanny, a woman named Lidia Quilligana, to see what happened.

Lidia said that the three-year-old had fallen down accidentally, burning herself on the stop in the process. During her fall, she also hit her eye on a knob – thus explaining both the burns and the black eye. For the mother, however, this explanation didn’t make much sense. What was a three-year-old doing ABOVE the stove in the first place? What are the odds of getting both a black eye AND burns during the same incident? The nanny said that the toddler was helping her make pancakes, but again – something wasn’t right.

This also wasn’t the first time something strange had happened. Even before this incident, the child had begun to slowly developed bruising and other unexplained injuries all over her body. This activity is what led to the installation of the camera to begin with.

In a normal situation, these are the types of questions that would go unanswered. Unfortunately for Quilligana, she was already being watched without her knowledge. After Quilligana went home for the day, the mother downloaded the footage from the secret nanny camera in her home that she’d had installed. What she saw was every mother’s worst nightmare.

The tech-savvy mom had hours of footage of the nanny repeatedly taking the three-year-old by the wrist and forcing her hands onto hot stove burners. She had footage of the nanny jumping on the child while she laid on the ground. She had crystal clear images of the nanny pulling the little girl’s pants and underwear down and spanking her mercilessly, seemingly for no reason at all.

Further examination of the footage also revealed that the nanny was regularly force-feeding the three-year-old incredibly hot food, which led to blisters all over the inside of her mouth.

The mother was horrified, but she was also determined to make things right. She immediately called her child’s doctor, who told her to bring the three-year-old in for a medical examination right away. She also contacted the local authorities, who were quick to charge the nanny with first degree assault on the basis of cruel and unusual punishment.

Though this is undoubtedly a terrible situation, it is also one with a thankfully happy ending. The Connecticut mother was able to use modern technology to get to the bottom of something heinous and in the case of the nanny, justice was served. The three-year-old is also finally free from all harm, which is the most important benefit of all. None of it would have been possible without the mother’s secret nanny camera.


Best Practices for Hiding Your Nanny Camera to Avoid Detection

30 Jan

Technology has advanced to the point where the type of nanny camera that you can walk into a store and buy today would have been practically unthinkable even ten years ago. For just a few hundred dollars, you can buy something that is compact and wireless, easy to place and virtually undetectable to the naked eye. You can find models with motion detection, night vision, the capability to stream footage over the Internet, and more – all for less than the amount of money you paid for the smartphone you carry around with you all day long.
Yet, all of the technology in the world isn’t going to help you if you don’t place your nanny camera in the right way.


The Problems with Placement

The most obvious issue with placing your nanny camera in the wrong location is that the person you’re trying to covertly watch is going to find it. A lot of this comes down to the type of camera you buy and the environment that it was designed for. If your nanny camera is hidden in a stuffed animal like a teddy bear, for example, it would probably go entirely unnoticed if you placed it in your child’s bedroom. The person you’re trying to watch would undoubtedly see it, but they probably wouldn’t think twice.
If you put that same teddy bear nanny camera in your kitchen, however, it’s probably going to warrant a closer look. A nanny camera built into a USB charger that plugs into the wall, on the other hand, would make perfect sense in a kitchen – someone would probably just think, “Oh, someone must charge a smartphone in the kitchen,” and would likely go about their business.
Equally important is the idea that you’ll harm the quality of the footage you’re able to get. If you aren’t acutely aware of things like camera lens angles, recommended distances and more, you could wind up with crystal clear footage of an empty corner of a room with your subject frustratingly out of frame the entire time.

Best Practices for Nanny Cam Positioning

For the best results, always run a test with your nanny camera to help you determine ideal placement BEFORE you start using it in important situations. Remember that what you see with your eye might not be exactly what the lens is capturing, so run a test to check for obstructions and other issues that may harm recorded footage quality.
During your test run, you’ll also want to pay close attention to the viewing angle of the camera’s lens – both what space is in the frame from left to right AND from top to bottom. This is another reason why running an initial test is so important – if the environment you’re covering is a large one, you may have to place the camera much farther back in the room than you initially think to capture it all.
Regarding lighting, always make sure that you do not point the nanny camera’s lens directly at a light source like a desk lamp or overhead light. Even if you don’t think the light is too bright, it may significantly degrade the quality of the footage the camera can record from that angle. For the best results, either don’t aim the camera at the light source or move the light source before filming starts.

These are just a few of the key tips that you can use to help properly place your nanny camera to avoid detection. Remember that this is the key to successful surveillance – you’re trying to get a record of the way someone acts when they think that nobody is watching, which means that they think there are no consequences. By keeping these best practices in mind, you’ll be well on your way to getting all of the footage you need.

How use nanny cameras to watch babysitters/caretakers

12 Oct

At their core, nanny cameras and other types of covert video surveillance devices do a whole lot more than just record video of activity inside your home while you’re not around. They also provide you with the biggest benefit of all: the peace-of-mind that only comes with knowing your children are being looked after and protected at all costs. Whether you suspect that your nanny may be up to some questionable activity while you’re not around or you just want to take a proactive approach to your childcare situation, there are a few key things you should know.

The Ethics of Nanny Cameras

One of the most important questions that you have to answer before you use a nanny camera to watch your children’s babysitters ultimately comes down to whether or not you should use one at all. Nanny cameras and video surveillance, in general, are very much a hot button topic for debate in many areas.

First things first, as of 2016, video surveillance devices, used for the express purpose of watching someone you’ve hired to care for your child while you’re away(i.e., nanny cameras), are completely legal in all 50 states. This means that if you’re worried about legal trouble for possessing a nanny camera, using one or having one in your home that records footage without informing your caretaker ahead of time, you shouldn’t be.

However, this legal protection does come with some caveats. It is NOT legal to record your nanny in an area of your home that is clearly designated for private use. This means that if you install a nanny camera in your bathroom, or if you install one in some other place outside of the common areas of your home (like if your nanny lives with you and you install it in his or her bedroom), this is not legal.

Likewise, if you plan on using a nanny camera that also records audio, there are a few things you should know. In states like California, Delaware, New Hampshire, Florida, Maryland and a handful of others, you cannot record a person’s speech without first notifying them. This means that if you live in one of these states, you’ll either have to make the nanny aware that the camera is being used OR purchase a unit that does not record audio at the same time.

As far as the larger ethical question goes, consider the following. When you hire someone to look after your children’s safety while you’re away, they’re looking after the most precious thing of all in your life: the kids themselves. Also, they’re technically at work, even if they work in your home. If you walk into a retail store in your neighborhood, there is an assumption that you are being recorded as that store tries to cut down on theft and shoplifting. In the grand scheme of things, you should look at a nanny camera no differently.

How to Properly Hide and Place Your Nanny Camera

Once you HAVE made the decision to go ahead with a nanny camera, the next most important thing to concern yourself with is placement. If you’re not planning on telling your children’s caretaker about the camera ahead of time, it can be assumed that the unit is something you don’t want them to find out about. As a result, consider buying a camera that is actually built into the types of everyday items you are likely to find in your home. Small, state-of-the-art cameras these days come inside a wide range of items: from the types of USB adapters used to charge smartphones and tablets to desk clocks to picture frames and, yes, even the classic “camera hidden inside a teddy bear.”

Always place your camera in a context that makes sense. If your camera is hidden inside a desk clock, it wouldn’t make sense for that deck clock to be in your kitchen. The context would likely draw suspicion that you don’t want. Use a camera hidden inside an object that makes sense in the environment you plan on placing it in.

Finally, ALWAYS make sure that you’re aware of the limitations of whatever model you choose and take that into account during placement. If you know that your nanny camera only has a 90-degree viewing angle, place it somewhere where your subject will (at least in theory) be comfortably situated within those 90 degrees. Likewise, remember that height is very important. Some nanny cameras don’t do well with subjects that are too high or too low in the frame, so make sure that you’re aware of any limitations that you’re working with and take that into consideration when choosing the right location.

A Guide to Hiding your Hidden Camera

18 Jun

Where to Place your Camera:

One of the most important thing to keep in mind while hiding your hidden camera  is that placement should follow motivation, meaning that the best place for your hidden camera, is one that best addresses the motivation you had for buying the camera in the first place.

Most of us buy a hidden camera with some idea of how and what we would like to record. Your reasons for buying a hidden camera could be specific, like confirming that your neighbor has been abducting your garbage cans for his own nefarious purposes, or more general, as in making sure your nanny behaves herself around the kids.

In either case, the motivation you had for purchasing a hidden camera determines your ideal placement option. To catch your neighbor, put your recording device in the garage, in range of the garbage cans. If you are worried about the nanny, use a nanny cam in the rooms your kids spend the most time in, perhaps the nursery, living room, or kitchen.

Where to Hide your Camera:

Now that you have an idea what area inside or outside of your house you would like to record, your next step is to find the perfect hiding spot for your camera, but a couple of questions come to mind: Where exactly should you place your hidden camera? What should you hide your camera in or around? How big or small should the camera be?

The guiding principle you need to keep in mind while considering these questions is that a hidden camera can only be effective if it does exactly what its name implies: stays hidden. While you can buy a general purpose hidden camera, one that is small, has great video quality, and gives you a quite a bit of versatility, it will never completely blend into its surroundings. In order to do that, you need to purchase a camera seamlessly built into a common household item.

The advantage of these cameras is that they look nothing like surveillance cameras, allowing them to be naturally positioned throughout the house in the recording location of your choice. The most appropriate cameras, and the ones least likely to draw attention, will come in the form of something natural to the room or location you want to record.

While you know your household items better than I do, here are some hidden camera suggestions that should blend naturally into just about anyone’s home:

Kitchen: What kitchen would be complete without a coffeemaker? Household plants and wall clocks are other kitchen staples.

Coffee Machine Camera

Coffee Machine Camera

Living Room: A smoke detector is the perfect cover for a camera, while no one would think to look closely at the clothes hook on the wall or the tissue box on the table.

Tissue Box Hidden Camera

Tissue Box Hidden Camera

Office: With all of your tech toys and tools on full display, no one would look twice at the WiFi router, AC adapter, or digital picture frame.

Digital Picture Frame Camera

Digital Picture Frame Camera

Bedroom: What is more natural in a bedroom than a bedside clock radio, less noticeable than a power outlet, or more ubiquitous than an Ipod dock?

Mini Clock Radio Hidden Camera

Mini Clock Radio Hidden Camera

Use these household items and placement ideas to think of other hidden cameras built into objects that naturally appear in your house or, if you prefer, to camouflage a more general purpose hidden camera.

How to Be Sure Your Home is Safe When You’re Away

15 May

Home security is important to all of us. To that end, people are investing more than ever before in alarm systems, CCTV, and even mobile apps that allow us to keep an eye on things while we are away, be that at work for the day, on an extended business trip, or a vacation to some far flung corner of the globe.

Although it is sometimes good, perhaps even the objective when we take a vacation, to forget about what is going on at home, it can be difficult to do so when you have invested a lot of money into buying and decorating it as you want, not to mention embellishing the interior with some great appliances.
What are the steps you can take to ensure you keep your home safe, and even keep an eye on it yourself, while you are travelling abroad?

Talk to the Alarm Company

This is the easiest way to ensure your home is safe, and you will be able to keep updated without actually looking at your home ‘in the flesh.’

Simply speak to your alarm monitoring company – if you do not have round the clock monitoring, it is worth upgrading, even for a short time – and inform them you will not be home for a specified amount of time. This will mean they can immediately investigate any unexpected activations and send the relevant authorities to your home.

If you are travelling away and leaving older children or an elderly relative at home, you can arrange for them to send a text message or email summarizing activity, so you know when people have got home or left the house, for example. Some alarm companies will even call a specified person to check they are okay, so say you have a daughter who works evenings and you normally collect her from work, and she is expected to be home at 10pm, if she is not, the company can call her to check she is okay.

Use Dropcam or a Similar Product

Dropcam is one of the leading products and applications when it comes to home security, but there are many similar ones on the market should you wish to explore the possibilities. Dropcam is a two-part surveillance tool.

First, you set the camera up wherever you want to in the house. There is a motion-activated option, so it is perfect for travelling abroad when you are not home to change the batteries. Second, you can view video footage on your smartphone or tablet device as you get the footage via cloud technology. There are options for downloading footage as you wish, or receiving an alert whenever there is activity.

Dropcam actually works great as a ‘do not have any parties’ prevention tool should you be leaving teenagers at home, but is equally good for simply ‘dropping in’ and putting your mind at rest.

Go 100% Covert

You can buy all manner of  hidden camera products, ranging from clocks to plug sockets and fire alarms. If you are planning on covert home surveillance, then it is best to buy, install, and test the use of these a long time before you take your trip, and even use them for everyday checkups. If you do not want video, you can get the same products purely for sound surveillance, too, while some at the top of the market may provide both.

Put your mind at rest when you travel, and use these ideas to make your home as secure as you need it to be.

Author Bio:

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7 Reasons to Own a Nanny Camera

31 Jan

Nanny cameras can be hidden in items ranging from an alarm clock to a tissue box, but why would you need this piece of equipment? Whether or not you have children, investing in a hidden nanny camera can be beneficial when anyone spends time in your home when you’re not there.

Reason One: You work and need to leave your child with a babysitter or nanny.

This is the most common reason for using a nanny camera, and there’s certainly a benefit to investing in a nanny camera when you need to leave your child with someone other than yourself. Even if you do a background check on a babysitter or nanny, you can never be sure that they will do what you expect them to do when you’re not there. In addition to checking to ensure your child is safe, discover whether a nanny is engaging your child in educational activities during the day.

Reason Two: Contractors, housekeepers or babysitters will be spending time in your home when you’re not there.

Letting someone in your home when you can’t be there is unnerving, so use a nanny camera to be sure that no one is disturbing your personal belongings or stealing from you when you are gone. Even if you trust a service professional, it is not uncommon for small things to be taken or used without permission.

Reason Three: You want to stay aware of what your child is doing.

This reason involves wanting to see your child grow up when you have to be away at work. If you have a baby who is just learning to crawl, walk or play, you can use a nanny camera to capture all of those firsts when you have to be on the job.

Reason Four: Contractors are working on construction in your home.

Contractors are not always known for following your directions and working to the best of their ability when they’re on the job, so use a nanny camera to discover whether you’re getting what you’re paying for when it comes to contracting jobs. Some tasks are overlooked that can be hard to detect once the job is completed, and having a video of what a contractor did while in your home is a method of proving that you didn’t get what you paid for once construction is complete.

Reason Five: Nannies and babysitters are not always attentive.

Even if your child is safe with their babysitter, you probably don’t want to pay a lot of money for childcare that involves the babysitter or nanny talking on the phone with friends, surfing the Internet or watching TV the entire time that they’re on the job. Some nanny cameras have even revealed nannies sleeping on the job.

Reason Six: Children may make alarming accusations.

Children do not always understand the difference between reality and their imagination, so it may be necessary to use a nanny camera to determine whether an accusation that has been made is accurate.

Reason Seven: Behavioral problems can blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Children who have behavioral problems may need help that can only be effective if parents are aware of how their children act in private. A nanny camera can be used to discover how the child plays on his own in order to determine how the child truly feels and acts about a certain situation.

If you have people in your home when you’re away, gain peace of mind by investing in a nanny camera. This discreet piece of equipment can help you make sure that no one is stealing, causing harm to loved ones or damaging your property when you’re not there to observe.