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The Top 10 Russian Dash Camera Videos

16 Sep

By far, the number one reason to own a dash camera has to do with your own protection. Not only can a camera be an ideal way to document the activity around your car for later reference, but that footage may just come in handy in a court of law in the event of an accident. A close second, however, is that you just might capture something extraordinary — as these top 10 Russian dash camera videos help prove. After viewing these videos, you will see why dash cameras are so popular with our good friends on the other side of the world.

1. Cartoon Chaos

To say that certain areas of Russia can be a bit on the dangerous side is something of an understatement. Still, when you get behind the wheel of your car to head out for the night, one thing you probably don’t expect to see is a group of people dressed like famous cartoon characters. You also probably don’t expect to be assaulted by those same characters, but luckily, this driver had his dashcam recording to capture the action.

2. Beware Tornadoes

They say that most car accidents happen when you’re less than a mile away from your home. As one Russian driver found out, this is very true — however, the cause of the accident isn’t always another driver. Sometimes, what you really need to be mindful of are tornadoes, as his poor (destroyed) garage illustrates perfectly.

3. The Murmansk Meteor

Drive around with a dashcam for long enough, and you learn a pretty valuable lesson relatively quickly: You never really know what you might capture. Drivers all across Murmansk probably didn’t expect to capture stunning footage of a meteor in the sky one morning in April of 2014, but that’s just what they ended up seeing unfold in front of them.

4. Rock vs. Shovel

Road rage is unfortunately pretty common across Russia, but sometimes the actual shape that rage takes can be pretty surprising.This video, which starts out as a typical argument between two drivers, quickly turns into a rare “knife vs. shovel” fight that needs to be seen to be believed.

5. “Is that a… tank?!”

If you came into work one morning and told your friends that you just passed a flipped-over tank on the side of the road, nobody would believe you. If you were this enterprising young driver and had your dash camera recording, however, you’d have all the proof you need (and a pretty incredible story to tell, as well).

6. The Great Russian Tanker Truck Explosion

If you’re a fan of Hollywood films, you’ve probably thought to yourself at one point or another, “Man, it would be really great to live a life as exciting as those action movies I see every Friday night.” After taking a minute to view this epic Russian dashcam video, however, you may want to think again. As one driver learns, seeing a Russian tanker truck explode right in front of you is harrowing — to say nothing of how scary it is when it explodes 35 more times!

7. Watch Out for Tanker Trucks

At some point, every driver will have a moment behind the wheel when they’re pretty sure an accident is about to occur. The Russian driver from this dashcam video, however, was more than sure — he was really, really positive as he captured a runaway tanker truck sliding right for him!

8. Lightning Strikes Are Terrifying

If you’ve ever been anywhere near a lightning strike, you know just how scary they can be when you’re up close and personal. If you happen to be on the road and see a fellow driver get struck by lightning, as this Russian dashcam video shows, you may think twice about ever going outside during a storm again.

9. Insurance Scams

Fun fact: One of the reasons why dash cameras are so popular in Russia has to do with the wave of (hilariously bad) insurance scams that happen across the country. If you’ve ever wondered what such an insurance scam might look like, just watch this video and see why so many drivers across Russia are turning toward modern technology to protect themselves. The scary thing is that without a dashcam, scams like this just might work.

10. Random Acts of Kindness

Finally, one of the most incredible Russian dashcam videos of all has nothing to do with meteors or tanks or people fighting with knives and shoves. As this compilation of random acts of kindness captured by dashcams across Russia shows, there are still good people in this world after all.

Five Dash Cam Videos You Have To See To Believe

27 May

Dashboard cameras are an increasingly popular purchase for American drivers. The motivation for buying a dash cam may vary, but the fact is that the increasing affordability of dash cameras (with quality models starting at less than 100$), along with their oversight of young drivers and contested automobile accidents, make them an increasingly appealing buy.

The use of dash cams may be growing here in the U.S., but their use is quite established in many places abroad. In countries rife with auto-insurance scams, corrupt traffic cops, and astonishingly reckless driving, the video evidence provided by a dashboard camera is often the only proof backing a driver’s claims.

In Russia in particular, the widespread use of dash cams along with a total disregard for driving laws, or even basic common sense, have provided the world with some unbelievable driving footage you have to see to believe:


1. Half-Naked and Running For It

I think the moral of this little video is don’t mess with an angry Russian driver, especially if all you are wearing is your underwear.


2. For Goodness Sake, Wear A Seat-belt

This man must be some sort of superhero disguised as a truck driver, or maybe his years of Olympic grade gymnastics training have finally been put to the test. Regardless, you would think that someone who drives trucks for a living (especially in Russia) would fasten their seat-belt.


3. Melee on the Freeway?

Talk about skipping right past honked horns and middle fingers to blunt force weapons.


4. Well That Was Unexpected

After this video, I can safely say that nothing I see on a Russian dashboard camera will ever surprise and amaze me as much as this.


5. That Was Even Less Expected

I know what I said two lines ago, but this is absolutely amazing:

For a bit more context, this video shows a meteor blast that took place over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk on February 15th, 2013. The blast glowed 30 times brighter than the sun and delivered the biggest astronomical impact felt on earth in more than a century.


These videos are an excellent, albeit surprisingly small, sample of the crazy, scary, and otherwise shock-inducing footage captured by Russian dashboard video cameras.

On that note, buckle up your seat-belts, don’t speed, but most importantly, if you can at all help it, avoid driving in Russia.