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Hidden Cameras Shed Light on What Women Have to Deal With Every Day

15 Mar

Harassment is one of those things that people tend to not really think about until it happens to them. People are so busy these days that their attention is fractured in a million different directions ― they often aren’t thinking about the experiences that people on the street next to them are having, even though they’re ostensibly doing the same thing at the same time. If you haven’t been a victim of street harassment yourself, it’s easy to feel as if the problem isn’t as serious as certain people make it out to be.
But it very much is a serious problem. Now, thanks to one enterprising project, we have the hidden camera footage to prove it.

Female Harassment: By the Numbers

That women have to deal with harassment throughout their daily lives is certainly nothing new. The experts at Stop Street have compiled statistics that paint a fairly harrowing picture of the situation as it currently stands:

  • According to a 2,000-person survey that was conducted in 2014, nearly 65 percent of all women had experienced some form of harassment on the street.
  • Of those women, 23 percent had been touched in a sexual or inappropriate way.
  • 20 percent of the women who responded to the survey said that they had been followed in a way they felt threatened by.
  • Another 9 percent said that they had been forced at one point to do something sexual against their will.

It’s a problem that does not discriminate and that can be found almost anywhere ― whether you live in a major city like Indianapolis or California or another country like Canada or Egypt. Yet the thing to remember is that sometimes, facts and figures like these keep us at an arm’s length from the real situation. It’s easy to discount a statistic or to look at it as a mere number on a page.

Thankfully, hidden cameras are being used on a regular basis to give faces to these figures ― to paint incredibly vivid pictures of exactly what is going on and what women have to deal with in a way that is impossible to ignore, as harrowing as it may be.

The Power of Hidden Cameras

Hollaback is an anti-street harassment organization that recently enlisted the services of Rob Bliss Creative, a video marketing agency, to produce a video that detailed exactly what it’s like to be a woman walking alone on a city street. Even after reviewing the footage for only a few minutes, the thesis is clear: The experience is exhausting, demeaning and downright scary, often all at the same time.

Video marketer Rob Bliss hid a camera inside a backpack that was worn by actress Soshana B. Roberts. Dressed in a T-shirt and jeans and holding a microphone, Roberts then walked around New York City for 10 hours. She was completely minding her own business ― not going out of her way to do anything in particular or interact with anyone.

Despite this, the cameras didn’t just catch street harassment ― they caught it all. Men often approached Roberts, leered at her from afar or even followed her as she went about her day. Some men shouted seemingly innocent comments in her direction such as, “Have a nice evening,” while others took it a degree further and shouted things like “Sexy!”

Throughout those 10 hours, the hidden camera recorded more than 100 instances of street harassment. Note that this number does not include actions like winking and whistles.

In the end, this film goes a long way toward showing exactly what it’s like to be a woman on a daily basis. Remember that Roberts is just one person; at any given moment, thousands like her are experiencing these and other types of harassing incidents all day, every day. Thankfully, hidden camera projects such as this one exist to capture everything in stunning detail. The major lesson is clear: This isn’t a problem that can be ignored. This isn’t just people on the street being annoying or impolite; it’s an issue that needs to be addressed as a collective moving forward.


Hidden Cameras: Finding Secret Dangers in the Most Menacing Places on Earth

15 Feb

Thanks to advancements in the underlying technology at play, hidden cameras have become a topic of significant discussion in the last few years. Decades ago, hidden cameras were essentially something only for the wealthy and government officials. Now, with just a few hundred dollars, anyone can purchase a device that records crystal clear audio and video in full high definition, catching everything from a negligent nanny to an employee who is stealing from their job in the act.


This has obviously raised privacy concerns, as it should – this is an incredibly important topic. However, one of the issues that often goes overlooked is all the good that hidden cameras do BEYOND simple surveillance in your personal and professional life. Many groups are using hidden cameras all over the world, allowing them to shed light on the secret dangers that lurk in some of the most menacing places that exist across the globe.

Hidden Cameras and Videre

One organization that is paving the way with regards to using hidden cameras in a positive way is Videre. In a recent TED Talk conducted in November of 2015, Oren Yakobovich talked about how his organization uses the latest in surveillance and hidden camera technology to uncover, verify and publicize many dangers and other human rights abuses all over the world. As a leading activist organization that operates with an eye toward social change, Yakobovich believes that this is incredibly important. The people who commit human rights abuses want to “sweep them under the rug,” hoping that they can carry on with these activities without anyone becoming aware.

Hidden cameras, on the other hand, stop that from happening. They do a lot more than just uncover the truth behind a situation – they help people in important positions collect valuable evidence so the existence of these situations cannot be refuted. Thanks to the power of the Internet, this footage can also be shared far and wide making sure that there is no corner of the Earth that someone with malicious intentions can run to. At least not anymore, that is.

Yakobovich discussed a woman named Mary from a village in Africa. He discussed how Mary was called into an intimidation meeting ahead of an upcoming election, but also how she was not afraid. On that particular day, Mary was carrying a hidden camera in her dress. She was using that camera to expose the ruling party’s intimidation tactics, protecting not only herself but her entire village in the process.

During the discussion, Yakobovich also talked about many other examples of groups that are using hidden cameras to uncover everything from political fraud to violence to horrific instances of abuse. The key thing to keep in mind is that without the rate at which hidden camera technology has continued to advance, none of that would be possible. These issues would continue to go on unnoticed, away from the eye of the public. Thanks to hidden cameras, it is now possible for a few passionate issues to turn ANY instance of secret danger around the world into the true global issue it was meant to be.

Videre is just one of the many examples of a group that is using hidden camera technology to help make the world a better place. There are certainly others. Thanks to how far hidden camera technology has come in just a few short years, the good news is that these advocacy champions and rights defenders aren’t going away anytime soon. While it’s true that hidden cameras do present a privacy issue (or at least trigger the discussion) for some, their full power is and will always be in situations like these. Hidden cameras help people speak out for the people who cannot do so themselves. They allow people to champion and protect the people who need it the most. For that, we can all be grateful.


Korea and the Hidden Camera Problem: Fact or Fiction?

28 Dec

Hidden camera pornography is (unfortunately) nothing new. It’s something that has existed for decades and, since the Internet has become a more important role in our daily lives, more prominent as well. Thanks to the fact that hidden cameras are becoming smaller, more advanced and more affordable all the time, being recorded without your knowledge is always a terrifying possibility. If you live in South Korea or happen to visit there, however, the problem may be worse than it is other places – at least as far as a recent BBC investigation is concerned.

The South Korea Problem

Stephen Evans, a correspondent for the BBC based in Seoul, South Korea, theorized that men in this part of the world go to greater lengths to capture secret photos and videos of unsuspecting women than they do other places. Pornography is illegal in South Korea, but based on the things he had heard and seen online he figured this did not matter. Evans quickly launched an investigation to answer a few key questions, namely: “IS there a hidden camera pornography problem in South Korea?” “Is this problem worse than in other parts of the world?” “Is there something that can be done about it?”

What he uncovered was positively horrifying to say the least. In South Korea, there is an entire cottage industry dealing in hidden camera footage from women’s restrooms, their bedrooms, changing rooms and just about any other area where they may assume that they’re safe. Evans discovered that the country-wide pornography ban has done little to curb the problem – if anything, it’s only served to increase demand. He notes that the juxtaposition between a strong disapproval of porn and an incredible demand is not unique to the area, but the lengths that men are wiling to go to in order to obtain this footage may be.

It’s a problem that, to their credit, the government is trying to combat – though their results leave a lot to be desired. There is an entire section of the Seoul police force that exists only to search for hidden cameras and other surveillance devices in women’s restrooms. Police in areas like Busan, a city along the country’s southern border, are regularly on the lookout for men with cameras who are acting suspiciously. These types of reports are taken very seriously by law enforcement all over South Korea.

Likewise, local media outlets regularly report on sting operations where police officers use metal detectors to find hidden cameras in public areas like women’s changing rooms.

Protecting Your Privacy

So does South Korea actually have a hidden camera problem? Yes, though this isn’t exactly unique to this area. Hidden camera technology becomes more advanced all the time. You can purchase a hidden camera right now that offers 1080p high definition resolution, night vision, audio recording capabilities, Internet streaming and more – all for just a few hundred dollars (including shipping).

As the technology itself becomes more affordable, the people who wish to USE that technology to do unsavory things will have greater ability to do so. This doesn’t mean that there is a problem with hidden cameras, necessarily – just in the way that people are choosing to use them.

Regardless, it’s always important for ANYONE in a public area to keep a watchful eye out for hidden cameras. In addition to looking in areas where these cameras are likely to be hidden, you can also purchase counter-surveillance equipment designed to find hidden camera lenses, block broadcast signals and more.

What we really have here is something like a “cat and mouse” game. As people use technology to do bad things, there will always be people like law enforcement out there working hard to stay a few steps ahead, protecting our privacy as much as possible. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be something that will go away anytime soon.


Best Practices for Hiding a Camera to Keep an Eye on Your Surroundings

19 Dec

One of the great contradictions of a hidden camera is, at the end of the day, the unit itself is only as effective as the spot you choose to hide it. You could spend hundreds of dollars on the latest, greatest and most advanced spy camera available on the market today, but if you hide it in an obvious place, it will still be detected sooner rather than later.

Because of this, it’s important to understand that the technology itself will only carry you so far. If you really want to hide a spy camera effectively to keep an eye on your surroundings, you’ll want to keep a few key best practices in mind.


Context Is Important

Purchasing a spy camera hidden inside a normal, everyday object like a pen or a wall clock is a great first step to avoiding attention – but it’s important that you not forget about context. The item the camera is hidden inside MUST make sense in the context of the room you’re placing it in or you’ll end up attracting MORE attention than you otherwise would.

Case in point: When people think of a nanny cam, they normally call to mind images of the classic “camera hidden inside the teddy bear” as popularized by countless films and television shows. If you’re hiding that teddy bear cam in your child’s nursery, nobody will probably think twice about it. If a teddy bear suddenly showed up in your office because you’re trying to keep an eye on employees when they’re not around, it would likely attract attention – leading to the discovery of the camera hidden inside.

The same is true for all cameras hidden inside objects, though. Would a camera hidden inside a pen really not attract attention if it suddenly showed up in your kitchen? It probably would – which is something you just don’t want.

For the best results, look for devices that offer maximum versatility while keeping this context in mind. Cameras hidden inside USB adapters are great for this reason because USB phone chargers have become ubiquitous throughout our daily life. People charge their phones EVERYWHERE, which means if you have a camera hidden inside a USB phone charger, it can essentially go anywhere, too.


Environmental Limitations

Another one of the keys to successfully hiding a camera involves taking every element of your environment into consideration. Remember that depending on the type of camera you buy, you’ll naturally be working within certain restrictions. Some cameras don’t have a wide-angle lens, meaning that anything above or below a certain point won’t be captured. Others may have difficulties providing you with clear footage from long distances, meaning that you would need to place it closer to the subject than normal.

For the best results, start by thinking carefully about what type of footage you’re trying to capture. Where will your subject be and what will they be doing. Then, look around the room for the ideal location for a camera to help capture that desired footage. Only then will you be able to start looking for a hidden camera with a feature set that actually meets your needs. If you start with the camera and go through the process in the reverse order, you run the risk of buying something that may not do what you need it to despite being of high quality.


These are just a few of the tips that you can use to successfully place hidden cameras to keep an eye on people when you’re not around. Above all else, remember that every surveillance situation will present its own unique challenges, particularly when it comes to where you should and should not hide your camera. Never assume there is a “one size fits all” approach to hiding a camera, because there really isn’t.


How to Make a Hidden Camera?

14 Dec

These days, you can get a state-of-the-art camera hidden in just about anything. Do you want to keep an eye on the employees in your office when you’re not around? Buy a camera hidden inside a USB phone charger and record anything you want in nearly any environment. Do you want to keep an eye on your child’s babysitter when you’re at work to help make sure you’re getting the level of care and the quality that you’re paying for? The classic “nanny camera in a teddy bear,” along with a wide range of other options, will suit you perfectly.

But what happens if you CAN’T find a camera that’s already hidden in that perfect, everyday item? What if you have a very specific environment where a desk clock, a smoke detector, a light bulb or even a camera hidden in a pen just won’t do? Thankfully, the solution is simple: You make your own.

If you really want to make a hidden camera and have complete control over everything from placement to recording capabilities, you’ll want to keep a few key things in mind.


Step 1. Consider the Context

You may think that the first step to making the perfect hidden camera would be “buy a camera,” but unfortunately you’d be wrong. You need to think about exactly what it is you’re trying to do first. Think about the type of activity you’re trying to record, the environment that you’re working with and WHERE that camera will need to be placed. All of this will dictate the decisions that you make moving forward, so it’s best to consider them sooner rather than later. Buying a camera now and then trying to force it to meet your requirements later is a great way to end up with something that doesn’t do what you need as well as you need it to.


Step 2. Find the Right Camera

Next, you’ll want to find the right camera and lens package that meets the needs you’ve already decided on. Unlike cameras that come already built into everyday items, you can get the camera (and the attached circuit board) by themselves. This gives you complete flexibility over what you eventually place the camera inside.

Most of these “build your own” hidden camera kits come with small pinhole lenses, perfect for concealing just about anywhere. However, you’ll also want to look at additional features that are available — like Wi-Fi streaming or motion detection — to better help you accomplish your goals.


Step 3. Find the Right Item

Once you have all of your materials in place, you can move onto the fun part of building your own hidden camera. Select the perfect item to hide your hidden camera inside based on your contextual and environmental requirements. If you wanted to hide your camera in a tissue box, for example, remove all the tissues and cut a small hole in the side for the pinhole camera to “see” through.

Place the attached circuit board inside the tissue box, making sure to secure it in place. Tape the camera to the side of the tissue box so that the lens itself won’t move, even if the box is jostled. Make sure any required SD storage cards are in place and verify that any sensors that must be exposed in order for a remote to work are exposed.

Once everything is in place, you’re ready to record. Congratulations! Not only have you just made your own hidden camera, but it probably wasn’t nearly as difficult as you thought it was going to be.

A tissue box is just one example of a great place to hide your own hidden camera. If you’ve got time on your hands, you could also remove the pages from a hardback book and cut a hole in the spine — leaving room for both the camera and the lens. Everything from desk drawers to shopping bags to pencil sharpeners would also make terrific options, so you just have to find the one that works for you.


Top 10 amusing hidden camera practical joke videos with commentary

9 Nov

So much is written about how hidden cameras can be excellent tools for surveillance and protection that people forget about another important purpose they have – practical jokes! Check out these 10 hilarious hidden camera practical joke videos to get a few interesting ideas on how you can be using your equipment for more than just keeping an eye on your home while you’re not around.

  1. The Serial Killer

This hidden camera practical joke is a bit of a morbid one, but it’s hysterical nonetheless. What would you do if you were sitting in a waiting room and discovered that a serial killer was sitting right next to you? If you go by these people, the answer might be surprising.

  1. The Magnetic Box

Have you ever been walking along the street, saw something on the ground and bent over to pick it up? That’s a common situation that these people find themselves in, but because what they’re trying to pick up is really a magnetic box on a metallic sheet, the results aren’t quite what you might be expecting.

  1. Celebrities Are Practical Jokers, Too!

Even celebrities love getting in on the fun of a good hidden camera prank, as this compilation of the nine best star studded pranks goes a long way toward proving!

  1. The Orchestra and the Shower Scene

The scariest part of the infamous “Psycho” shower scene isn’t the stabbing, which isn’t even on camera. It’s the orchestra – as this brilliant hidden camera prank so eloquently proves.

  1. The Babysitter

Picking a babysitter is something you should always do with a certain degree of caution. After this hilarious hidden camera practical joke, babysitters everywhere will be picking their CLIENTS with that same caution!

  1. Just a Normal Afternoon Walk

What would you do if you were out for a walk one afternoon and found that all 100 people in the area suddenly dropped to the ground? Would you freak out and assume something was wrong, or would you immediately suspect that you were the victim of a hidden camera prank show? Watch this video from Japan to find out how real people reacted in that exact same situation!

  1. The Sniper Prank

Speaking of Japanese pranks, that’s one country that definitely loves their prank shows. However, they’ve been known to take things a little bit too far – as this terrifying sniper prank proves very, very easily. Your honor, we call this video “Exhibit A.”

  1. The Elevator of Horror

If you thought the sniper prank was scary, just wait until you see another terrifying example of how hidden camera pranks can quickly get out of hand – also called “Exhibit B.” We’ve got to hand it to this entertainment show out of Brazil – they may have pulled off the scariest hidden camera practical joke of all time!

  1. The Snake

And now, for something a little bit on the lighter side – but just as scary depending on how you feel about snakes. Anyone who has a friend with a snake knows that they always dread stopping by for a visit, because what happens if the snake happens to get out of its cage? If it did, you’d probably react a little something like the people in this hilarious video!

  1. Not All Hidden Camera Pranks Are Successful

Finally, something a little different. Remember when it comes to a hidden camera prank, it’s all in the execution. You won’t be 100% successful, as the unfortunate prankster in this video learned all too quickly (and painfully).


Mobius 2 Action Camera

16 Sep

After what seems like a lifetime of anticipation, the Mobius 2 action cam has finally arrived for consumers everywhere to purchase. In addition to all of the basic features that one would expect from the unit (such as the ability to easily attach to a car’s windshield using a suction mount and the convenience of an incredible two-hour battery life), the Mobius 2 also brings a wide range of advancements to the table that make it a more-than-worthy successor to the original Mobius unit.

Capture Every Last Movement in Stunning Detail

Perhaps the most important feature that the Mobius 2 brings to the table has to do with how the unit handles motion. Thanks to its built-in H.265 HEVC and H.264 AVC compression technologies, the Mobius 2 can easily handle longer recording times at full HD 1080P 60 fps than its leading competitors. While the original Mobius could record 1080P HD footage, it could only do so at 30fps. If you wanted 60fps, you had to deal with lower quality 720p.

It’s actually the first compact action camera available anywhere in the world to support H.265 HEVC.

With vastly improved low light performance, coupled with an incredibly wide dynamic range and a wide-angle lens with a stunning field of view as wide as 130 degrees, the unit can also capture better video details when in movement at the same time than even its already impressive predecessor. The previous Mobius had a viewing angle of only 116 degrees.

Don’t Miss a Second of the Action

Another one of the qualities that makes the Mobius 2 such a valuable action camera has to do with the multitude of features that are designed to make the unit last as long as possible during a single session. When the built-in 820mah lipo-battery is fully charged, it can record more than 120 minutes of continuous action. The Mobius 1, for comparison, topped out at 80 minutes. It uses super low power consumption technology that not only helps aid in longevity, but also prevents crashes, freeze-ups and more due to overheating.

Additional Considerations

Since weight is always important in terms of an action camera, consumers will no doubt be pleased to know that the Mobius 2 weighs in at an incredibly light 1.58 ounces. Compatible with microSD memory cards of up to 64GB in size and with advanced features such as still image and loop recording modes, the Mobius 2 isn’t just the most advanced mini action camera available on the market today — it can also double as the most perfect dash camera that you could hope for at the same time.