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Israeli travelers want apology from New Zealand for Spy accusations

The young Israeli Backpackers accused this week by New Zealand of being spies for the Mossad want an official Kiwi apology. After narrowly escaping death in the Christchurch earthquake, and losing one of their childhood friends in the destruction, the three Israelis were held in New Zealand on spy accusations.
The three young men, now back in Israel, have returned to their jobs: Guy Jordan is a welder, and the other two backpackers work in an olive grove of a kibbutz. They work in an olive grove…of a Kibbutz! Very very suspicious, great work New Zealand!
One of the accused Israeli spies
This whole story begs the question, why in the world would anybody need to spy on New Zealand? and the Mossad? I wouldn’t imagine New Zealand is very high on even the most conservative Mossad threat list!

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