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Are Your Children Really Safe?

Even though I’m practically hidden on the 3rd floor, they find me. Parents have heard about the nanny cam from other parents and have passed my name along – or I get a distressed phone call asking what is involved in a nanny cam set up. The whole concept sounds overwhelming – at first. Nothing is worse than the feeling that your children may not be safe and I hear the concern in the voices of parents immediately. Over the past several months I’ve seen an increase in nanny cam purchases. Parents are worried about their children’s safety and in some cases, rightly so. At past seminars I’ve been able to relieve parent’s fears and direct them to something that they are comfortable using. I’ve seen bickering parents enter my shop – one wants a nanny cam and one doesn’t – who in the end, have unfortunately, discovered that the purchase was a crucial investment. We can never be to secure where our children are concerned. SpyTec Inc has a range of nanny cams and devices that can easily be concealed. We can walk you through the process so it’s less confusing. Do you have a question about what you can do to protect your children? Let us know – we’ll be happy to help. Don’t
forget – our new Spytec inc website is on the way in a couple of weeks!

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    • Hey, thanks for asking! We ARE planning a seminar about how to use nanny cams and other equipment we stock – like GPS trackers – things that parents have been asking about a lot lately. We’ll be posting more information in the blog – probably after tax day…Check back soon!

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