New Product Update: A119 Dash Camera

19 Oct

Because so many different options are available, choosing the right dash camera to fit your needs can quickly feel overwhelming. Dash cameras need to be able to do more than just record video – they have to be built from the ground up with surveillance in mind. You don’t just need an option that will record – you need to rest easy knowing you’ll never miss anything important ever again.

To that end, the recently updated A119 Dash Camera includes a wide range of best-in-class features that truly make it the unit to beat in terms of performance, flexibility and user friendliness.

Breaking Down the A119 Dash Camera

The A119 Dash Camera is by far one of the best cameras of its type on the market today, particularly when you consider what you get for something at this price point. The unit features two resolution options for you to choose from depending on your needs – 1440p at 30fps (which is actually higher than traditional HD) and 1080p at 60fps.

Capable of recording both video and audio, the A119 Dash Camera is perfect for forward-facing surveillance. The compact, sleek and covert design helps keep the camera hidden and the unit can withstand extreme temperatures thanks to the on-board OV4689 capacitor.

Loop recording guarantees that you’ll never miss an important event and the fact that the A119 Dash Camera automatically turns itself on and off means you can “set it and forget it.” The wide angle lens not only offers superior visibility directly in front of the car but also to the far left and far right, allowing you to see things AROUND your subject as well.

Never Miss an Important Moment Again

What truly separates the A119 Dash Camera from so many other units at this price point (along with previous generations of the same unit) are the number of additional features included that guarantee you’ll never miss capturing an important event ever again.

The A119 Dash Camera includes a stunning G-sensor that automatically captures impact events. The moments immediately before, during and after a crash can be a stressful one. Now, you’ll have one less thing to worry about because you can guarantee your A119 captured everything you’ll need to find out exactly what happened.

The A119 Dash Camera also supports memory cards that are up to 64GB in size, allowing you to store up to seven hours of stunning high definition video.

Included in the packaging is everything you’ll need to get the A119 Dash Camera up and running in just a few short moments of your time. You get an adhesive mount, a dual USB car power adapter, five mounting clips, a detaching string for the adhesive mount and additional adhesive pads for you to use to set things up exactly how you want them.

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art surveillance option that allows you to rest easy knowing that all of your recording needs are being taken care of, you’d be hard pressed to find an option more valuable than the updated A119 Dash Camera.

How use nanny cameras to watch babysitters/caretakers

12 Oct

At their core, nanny cameras and other types of covert video surveillance devices do a whole lot more than just record video of activity inside your home while you’re not around. They also provide you with the biggest benefit of all: the peace-of-mind that only comes with knowing your children are being looked after and protected at all costs. Whether you suspect that your nanny may be up to some questionable activity while you’re not around or you just want to take a proactive approach to your childcare situation, there are a few key things you should know.

The Ethics of Nanny Cameras

One of the most important questions that you have to answer before you use a nanny camera to watch your children’s babysitters ultimately comes down to whether or not you should use one at all. Nanny cameras and video surveillance, in general, are very much a hot button topic for debate in many areas.

First things first, as of 2016, video surveillance devices, used for the express purpose of watching someone you’ve hired to care for your child while you’re away(i.e., nanny cameras), are completely legal in all 50 states. This means that if you’re worried about legal trouble for possessing a nanny camera, using one or having one in your home that records footage without informing your caretaker ahead of time, you shouldn’t be.

However, this legal protection does come with some caveats. It is NOT legal to record your nanny in an area of your home that is clearly designated for private use. This means that if you install a nanny camera in your bathroom, or if you install one in some other place outside of the common areas of your home (like if your nanny lives with you and you install it in his or her bedroom), this is not legal.

Likewise, if you plan on using a nanny camera that also records audio, there are a few things you should know. In states like California, Delaware, New Hampshire, Florida, Maryland and a handful of others, you cannot record a person’s speech without first notifying them. This means that if you live in one of these states, you’ll either have to make the nanny aware that the camera is being used OR purchase a unit that does not record audio at the same time.

As far as the larger ethical question goes, consider the following. When you hire someone to look after your children’s safety while you’re away, they’re looking after the most precious thing of all in your life: the kids themselves. Also, they’re technically at work, even if they work in your home. If you walk into a retail store in your neighborhood, there is an assumption that you are being recorded as that store tries to cut down on theft and shoplifting. In the grand scheme of things, you should look at a nanny camera no differently.

How to Properly Hide and Place Your Nanny Camera

Once you HAVE made the decision to go ahead with a nanny camera, the next most important thing to concern yourself with is placement. If you’re not planning on telling your children’s caretaker about the camera ahead of time, it can be assumed that the unit is something you don’t want them to find out about. As a result, consider buying a camera that is actually built into the types of everyday items you are likely to find in your home. Small, state-of-the-art cameras these days come inside a wide range of items: from the types of USB adapters used to charge smartphones and tablets to desk clocks to picture frames and, yes, even the classic “camera hidden inside a teddy bear.”

Always place your camera in a context that makes sense. If your camera is hidden inside a desk clock, it wouldn’t make sense for that deck clock to be in your kitchen. The context would likely draw suspicion that you don’t want. Use a camera hidden inside an object that makes sense in the environment you plan on placing it in.

Finally, ALWAYS make sure that you’re aware of the limitations of whatever model you choose and take that into account during placement. If you know that your nanny camera only has a 90-degree viewing angle, place it somewhere where your subject will (at least in theory) be comfortably situated within those 90 degrees. Likewise, remember that height is very important. Some nanny cameras don’t do well with subjects that are too high or too low in the frame, so make sure that you’re aware of any limitations that you’re working with and take that into consideration when choosing the right location.

How to Use GPS Tracking to Monitor New Teenage Drivers

10 Oct

Many people don’t realize that if you had to make a list of some of the most dangerous groups of people who are on the road at any given moment, “new teenage drivers” would absolutely be right at the top. According to, an incredible 33% of all deaths among those aged 13 to 19 in 2010 occurred as the result of motor vehicle crashes – a higher percentage than any other age bracket. Likewise, 16-year-old drivers have a higher crash rate themselves than drivers of any other age, including the elderly.


Part of this comes down to troubling statistics like this one: Over half of all teens surveyed by said that they talk on the phone while driving, and not all of them use hands-free devices.

All of this is to say that for parents, in particular, keeping track of teen drivers and how safe they are on the road is always of paramount importance. GPS tracking devices can be an efficient way to do exactly that by providing state-of-the-art functionality that extends far deeper than just being able to see where a teen is at any given moment.

The Benefits of Real-Time Location Updates

The major benefits of real-time location updates involve more than just being able to see exactly where someone is at any given moment. Because geolocation information is being transmitted by a device to a satellite and to the end-user in real-time, it’s also able to provide other valuable data like direction and even speed. For a parent, this is huge: You don’t just get an accurate reflection of where your teen is, but you can also see where they’re headed, where they end up, and how fast they got there.

Hardwired Trackers vs. Battery-Powered Trackers

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make in terms of determining which GPS tracking system is right for you involves hardwired trackers vs. battery-powered units.

Battery-powered units run on their own power and tend to be small, compact units that are perfect for concealment. Likewise, if your family has more than one car that the teen uses and you need the flexibility to move the unit from one vehicle to another, a battery-powered unit is absolutely the way to go.

Hardwired units can also be concealed for discreet use, but, as the name suggests, they’re hardwired directly into the inner workings of the car. While it’s true that they’re much more difficult to remove or to move from one vehicle to another, they are perfect for monitoring driving patterns along with information like location. If your teen is prone to extreme breaking or tends to speed more often than not, a hardwired unit will provide you with the analytical data you need to do something about it.

Encouraging Positive Driving Habits

Another reason why using GPS tracking to monitor new teenage drivers is so important leads directly into their most important benefit of all: They give parents a new and effective way to encourage positive driving habits with their kids whenever possible.

One of the reasons why teenage drivers make poor choices in the first place has to do with a lack of accountability. If a teen gets a cell phone call while they’re driving in the car by themselves, they might answer it – however, they likely wouldn’t even think about doing so if their parent were in the car, as well.

In many ways, GPS tracking devices act as a type of “virtual parent” or, at the very least, allow parents to maintain a constant presence with teen drivers at all times. If teen drivers are aware of the fact that their parents are never more than a few quick button taps away from seeing where they are, where they’re going and how fast they’re getting there, they’re much more likely to make good decisions – even if begrudgingly so. These good decisions then give way to good habits that stay with a teen for a lifetime.

In the end, using GPS tracking devices to monitor new teenage drivers goes far beyond just providing parents with access to raw data. They provide a valuable peace-of-mind that only comes with knowing that you’re doing whatever you can to help make sure that your teen isn’t one of the 2,823 teenagers nationwide who died in a car crash in 2012 alone.



The Top 10 Russian Dash Camera Videos

16 Sep

By far, the number one reason to own a dash camera has to do with your own protection. Not only can a camera be an ideal way to document the activity around your car for later reference, but that footage may just come in handy in a court of law in the event of an accident. A close second, however, is that you just might capture something extraordinary — as these top 10 Russian dash camera videos help prove. After viewing these videos, you will see why dash cameras are so popular with our good friends on the other side of the world.

1. Cartoon Chaos

To say that certain areas of Russia can be a bit on the dangerous side is something of an understatement. Still, when you get behind the wheel of your car to head out for the night, one thing you probably don’t expect to see is a group of people dressed like famous cartoon characters. You also probably don’t expect to be assaulted by those same characters, but luckily, this driver had his dashcam recording to capture the action.

2. Beware Tornadoes

They say that most car accidents happen when you’re less than a mile away from your home. As one Russian driver found out, this is very true — however, the cause of the accident isn’t always another driver. Sometimes, what you really need to be mindful of are tornadoes, as his poor (destroyed) garage illustrates perfectly.

3. The Murmansk Meteor

Drive around with a dashcam for long enough, and you learn a pretty valuable lesson relatively quickly: You never really know what you might capture. Drivers all across Murmansk probably didn’t expect to capture stunning footage of a meteor in the sky one morning in April of 2014, but that’s just what they ended up seeing unfold in front of them.

4. Rock vs. Shovel

Road rage is unfortunately pretty common across Russia, but sometimes the actual shape that rage takes can be pretty surprising.This video, which starts out as a typical argument between two drivers, quickly turns into a rare “knife vs. shovel” fight that needs to be seen to be believed.

5. “Is that a… tank?!”

If you came into work one morning and told your friends that you just passed a flipped-over tank on the side of the road, nobody would believe you. If you were this enterprising young driver and had your dash camera recording, however, you’d have all the proof you need (and a pretty incredible story to tell, as well).

6. The Great Russian Tanker Truck Explosion

If you’re a fan of Hollywood films, you’ve probably thought to yourself at one point or another, “Man, it would be really great to live a life as exciting as those action movies I see every Friday night.” After taking a minute to view this epic Russian dashcam video, however, you may want to think again. As one driver learns, seeing a Russian tanker truck explode right in front of you is harrowing — to say nothing of how scary it is when it explodes 35 more times!

7. Watch Out for Tanker Trucks

At some point, every driver will have a moment behind the wheel when they’re pretty sure an accident is about to occur. The Russian driver from this dashcam video, however, was more than sure — he was really, really positive as he captured a runaway tanker truck sliding right for him!

8. Lightning Strikes Are Terrifying

If you’ve ever been anywhere near a lightning strike, you know just how scary they can be when you’re up close and personal. If you happen to be on the road and see a fellow driver get struck by lightning, as this Russian dashcam video shows, you may think twice about ever going outside during a storm again.

9. Insurance Scams

Fun fact: One of the reasons why dash cameras are so popular in Russia has to do with the wave of (hilariously bad) insurance scams that happen across the country. If you’ve ever wondered what such an insurance scam might look like, just watch this video and see why so many drivers across Russia are turning toward modern technology to protect themselves. The scary thing is that without a dashcam, scams like this just might work.

10. Random Acts of Kindness

Finally, one of the most incredible Russian dashcam videos of all has nothing to do with meteors or tanks or people fighting with knives and shoves. As this compilation of random acts of kindness captured by dashcams across Russia shows, there are still good people in this world after all.

Mobius 2 Action Camera

16 Sep

After what seems like a lifetime of anticipation, the Mobius 2 action cam has finally arrived for consumers everywhere to purchase. In addition to all of the basic features that one would expect from the unit (such as the ability to easily attach to a car’s windshield using a suction mount and the convenience of an incredible two-hour battery life), the Mobius 2 also brings a wide range of advancements to the table that make it a more-than-worthy successor to the original Mobius unit.

Capture Every Last Movement in Stunning Detail

Perhaps the most important feature that the Mobius 2 brings to the table has to do with how the unit handles motion. Thanks to its built-in H.265 HEVC and H.264 AVC compression technologies, the Mobius 2 can easily handle longer recording times at full HD 1080P 60 fps than its leading competitors. While the original Mobius could record 1080P HD footage, it could only do so at 30fps. If you wanted 60fps, you had to deal with lower quality 720p.

It’s actually the first compact action camera available anywhere in the world to support H.265 HEVC.

With vastly improved low light performance, coupled with an incredibly wide dynamic range and a wide-angle lens with a stunning field of view as wide as 130 degrees, the unit can also capture better video details when in movement at the same time than even its already impressive predecessor. The previous Mobius had a viewing angle of only 116 degrees.

Don’t Miss a Second of the Action

Another one of the qualities that makes the Mobius 2 such a valuable action camera has to do with the multitude of features that are designed to make the unit last as long as possible during a single session. When the built-in 820mah lipo-battery is fully charged, it can record more than 120 minutes of continuous action. The Mobius 1, for comparison, topped out at 80 minutes. It uses super low power consumption technology that not only helps aid in longevity, but also prevents crashes, freeze-ups and more due to overheating.

Additional Considerations

Since weight is always important in terms of an action camera, consumers will no doubt be pleased to know that the Mobius 2 weighs in at an incredibly light 1.58 ounces. Compatible with microSD memory cards of up to 64GB in size and with advanced features such as still image and loop recording modes, the Mobius 2 isn’t just the most advanced mini action camera available on the market today — it can also double as the most perfect dash camera that you could hope for at the same time.

Surveillance, Security, and Gadget Roundup – 6/27

27 Jun

Another Friday, another roundup. Here it is, our newest, freshest roundup yet.

1. Police Need A Warrant for Cell Phone Searches

In a landmark decision,  protection for cell phone searches have been expanded. The Supreme Court has determined that the police need a search warrant to go through the cell phone of someone that has been arrested.

2. Now the Police Are Hacking Us Too?

A look into how law enforcement has expanded it’s use of hacking phones and computers.

3. US Government Releases It’s First Transparency Report

A not-quite illuminating look at what the NSA has been up to in 2013.

4. US House Overwhelmingly Votes to Cut NSA Funding

In a strong show against the NSA’s application of past funding, the House of Representatives has voted to cut the agencys generous budget.

5. Popular Websites’ Password Policies Leave Consumers Exposed

A look into the why popular websites password policies are invitations for online fraud.

6. Study: 14 Percent of Debit Cards Exposed by Breaches in 2013

Even with all the recent media attention to data breaches it is still somewhat of a shock that a new study estimates that 14% of U.S. debit cards were exposed to data breaches in 2013.

7. Android Wear brings Google to life

Do you really need or want wearable Android in your life? I’ll leave that answer up to you.

8.  Israel Is Building a Futuristic Transit System of Magnetic Pod

It may not fall in line with what we generally post, but honestly, is this not the coolest thing you have heard about all week?

A Guide to Hiding your Hidden Camera

18 Jun

Where to Place your Camera:

One of the most important thing to keep in mind while hiding your hidden camera  is that placement should follow motivation, meaning that the best place for your hidden camera, is one that best addresses the motivation you had for buying the camera in the first place.

Most of us buy a hidden camera with some idea of how and what we would like to record. Your reasons for buying a hidden camera could be specific, like confirming that your neighbor has been abducting your garbage cans for his own nefarious purposes, or more general, as in making sure your nanny behaves herself around the kids.

In either case, the motivation you had for purchasing a hidden camera determines your ideal placement option. To catch your neighbor, put your recording device in the garage, in range of the garbage cans. If you are worried about the nanny, use a nanny cam in the rooms your kids spend the most time in, perhaps the nursery, living room, or kitchen.

Where to Hide your Camera:

Now that you have an idea what area inside or outside of your house you would like to record, your next step is to find the perfect hiding spot for your camera, but a couple of questions come to mind: Where exactly should you place your hidden camera? What should you hide your camera in or around? How big or small should the camera be?

The guiding principle you need to keep in mind while considering these questions is that a hidden camera can only be effective if it does exactly what its name implies: stays hidden. While you can buy a general purpose hidden camera, one that is small, has great video quality, and gives you a quite a bit of versatility, it will never completely blend into its surroundings. In order to do that, you need to purchase a camera seamlessly built into a common household item.

The advantage of these cameras is that they look nothing like surveillance cameras, allowing them to be naturally positioned throughout the house in the recording location of your choice. The most appropriate cameras, and the ones least likely to draw attention, will come in the form of something natural to the room or location you want to record.

While you know your household items better than I do, here are some hidden camera suggestions that should blend naturally into just about anyone’s home:

Kitchen: What kitchen would be complete without a coffeemaker? Household plants and wall clocks are other kitchen staples.

Coffee Machine Camera

Coffee Machine Camera

Living Room: A smoke detector is the perfect cover for a camera, while no one would think to look closely at the clothes hook on the wall or the tissue box on the table.

Tissue Box Hidden Camera

Tissue Box Hidden Camera

Office: With all of your tech toys and tools on full display, no one would look twice at the WiFi router, AC adapter, or digital picture frame.

Digital Picture Frame Camera

Digital Picture Frame Camera

Bedroom: What is more natural in a bedroom than a bedside clock radio, less noticeable than a power outlet, or more ubiquitous than an Ipod dock?

Mini Clock Radio Hidden Camera

Mini Clock Radio Hidden Camera

Use these household items and placement ideas to think of other hidden cameras built into objects that naturally appear in your house or, if you prefer, to camouflage a more general purpose hidden camera.